Anna Verkhovskaya - Project Portfolio

I really like robots 🤖


Watercolor Robot - a 5-axis CNC that paints

This used to be an old, broken 3D printer. It was donated to MakerClub by the MME department, with the end goal of letting any club member use it as a CNC base for their projects.

To prepare the device for club use, I removed the broken heating element and replaced the microcontroller and motor drivers. The X, Y and Z axes are now controllable by sending serial commands from a laptop to an Arduino.

As a case study for the club's prototyping workshop, I added two movement axes to the CNC and turned it into a watercolor painting robot. The rotation is controlled by a stepper motor, and the swing is controlled by a servo. I also built a new base out of laser-cut acrylic, and wrote a GUI for telling the robot what to draw.

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